Rugby wiki ... it had to come

And the best is that it came here in Wellington on the fine Dropkicks wiki site!

Think of it as your one stop online shop (doesn't that trip off the tongue well) for all things rugby - all the facts, information and ... hang on, it's got bits missing! Fear not intrepid rugby fan, you can right that wrong, you can plug that gap - merely push edit on the page and type away.

Yes, this is a Wiki. A website that YOU can edit with no downloading, no installing and no cost.
Just push Edit.

I leave you with those fine gentlemen and ladies of The Dropkicks to explain the rest:

Basically what we are after is any and all factual information you have about rugby. If you know the exact time and place that Victor Matfield scored his first try or who refereed the World Cup qualifier between the USA and Uruguay, we want you to tell us (in the wiki).

But what we don’t want is anything subjective, so no complaining about poor refereeing or the quality of play by any team or player. No praise either for that matter.

But get in there and have a play around (we’ll be lurking about tidying things up) and hopefully we’ll have a brilliant repository of rugby information in no time.

The Dropkicks Rugby Wiki

ps: if you need a hand with editing, the links on the lefthand side of the wiki can help you out.


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