Things I've learned before lunchtime

  • Getting to Junglerama wuithout a car is probably not gonna happen
  • People are flexible
  • Applying a Microsoft SP1 is not always the norm ... !?!?
  • Taking your attention away from your sporting team for a split second WILL mean they lose
  • Moo Cards do arrive, eventually - want one?
  • Coffee -via Twitter with Mauricio and now his blog:
    • Ristretto = "This is the strongest and most concentrated espresso drink."
    • Espresso = "A one-ounce shot of intense, rich black coffee made and served at once"
    • Demitasse = A small (1/2 size) cup used for serving espresso
  • Not everyone understands Agile/SCRUM ... not everyone can comprehend it
Isn't life wonderful!


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