What Is Happening With Molly Malone's?

As James Shaw asked recently, "What is happening with Molly Malone's?", will we ever get to dance to the tune of Guinness again?

Club Penguin - I am NOT MiramarMike

Having sent the Pervasive Penguins article to someone I know (but shall remain nameless* as she is a fully paid up Club Penguin member - imagine the shame and embarrassment!?! :-) I was challenged as to why I wasn't enrolled.

I thought I'd better check it out ... for the kids sake ...

MiramarMike is taken!?!?!?
And it's not me ... I don't think ... [checks GMail one more time] ... nope, definitely NOT ME!

Be aware young (and old) penguins, this MiramarMike you may waddle up to and squawk with is an imposter. Do not buy used fish from this penguin.

I should've taken heed of my own advice eh!

* the nameless Penguin Club member has previously left a comment on this blog confessing her Penguin addiction


Anonymous said…
lol ok then =|
snowcheek8 said…
i never buy fish from ANY penguin XD