Club Penguin - I am NOT MiramarMike

Having sent the Pervasive Penguins article to someone I know (but shall remain nameless* as she is a fully paid up Club Penguin member - imagine the shame and embarrassment!?! :-) I was challenged as to why I wasn't enrolled.

I thought I'd better check it out ... for the kids sake ...

MiramarMike is taken!?!?!?
And it's not me ... I don't think ... [checks GMail one more time] ... nope, definitely NOT ME!

Be aware young (and old) penguins, this MiramarMike you may waddle up to and squawk with is an imposter. Do not buy used fish from this penguin.

I should've taken heed of my own advice eh!

* the nameless Penguin Club member has previously left a comment on this blog confessing her Penguin addiction


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