Chiaradina came ... second

No prizes for second place ... darn there goes my US$10,000.

Of course the whole point of the competition was for iYomu to gain an audience and to generate some buzz. I have to say, it didn't. No-one I know has the slightest inclining about iYomu and no-one in the know (and I count myself as one of those that has a fairly firm finger on the "2.0" pulse) has been talking about it.

The result for iYomu will, of course, be in the aftermath.
  • Will there be a buzz generated, i.e. will the result be Twittered, blogged, Digged etc?
  • Will the numbers of active subscribers maintain it's current level?
My suspicions are that the answer to both will be, "No".

And it's not the competition that's the problem. It's the product. It's just very average and no-one can be arsed signing up for something that's basically the same as every other social networking site. Why iYomu when you (and all your mates) are on Facebook?

I wish the winner the best, enjoy the money when (if?) it comes.

I wish Chiaradina a huge hug after all the work she's put into the competition - this was her full time job for quite some time. Oh, and I learnt so much from the perimeter of her "campaign", much like I am watching Epic Beer and their fine online awareness (marketing?) activities.

And I wish iYomu the best ... but I suspect it won't be around in this form in 18 months.


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