3 things Miramar needs

  1. Mesh network
  2. The cinema open
  3. Statues of Pillars of Argonath either side of 'the cutting'

Mesh network
Drop me a line if you're interested in helping make this happen (miramar.mike@gmail.com). There are already some influential and experienced people on board but the more the merrier.

The discussions are at a very early stage and whilst there is a lot of cross over with TheFreeNet - Aotearoa it might not be exactly the same as that model .. but it might.

Oh, and if you're in Maupuia (you know who you are) then we'd love to involve you!

Cinema opening
Hmm, seems that this might not happen until certain owners get some spare time.
I'm thinking in a few years then. Darn!

Statues of Pillars of Argonath either side of 'the cutting'
This is NOT my idea - total credit to Duncan!

But what a welcome into Miramar ("Wellywood") it would be.

And everyone flight into/out of the airport over Evans Bay would have people staring out of the windows totally taking their minds off the slight breeze they're bumping their way through.

Duncan has promised a Photoshop picture to give you an idea of how cool it would be ... watch this space.

In the meantime ... how can this be made a reality?
Again, email me (miramar.mike@gmail.com) if you have any idea on who, how and when!
The Gates of Argonath - The Pillars of Kings


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