ManagedQ - a different search

Wow, ManagedQ search is different.

Got this from an email (via my Enterprise 2.0 blog but it's not really what I talk about over there) and gave their services a go.

Not sure it's better but it's an alternative.

Check out my search for miramarmike -

Other alternative search links:

This is what ManagedQ say about themselves:

ManagedQ is a Search Application that radically enhances the Search Experience with a highly visual interface and Natural Language Processing algorithms that instantly identify the key Ideas (People, Places, and Things) related to a Search query. By allowing you to explore your Results without leaving the Results page ManagedQ helps you find, explore, and learn more effectively.

ManagedQ was founded on the idea that the field of Search is years behind where it should be, as it hasn't fundamentally changed in more than a decade. As Results are now essentially a commodity, the impetus is toprovide something more. We have a vision of Search as not just a database, but rather an elegantly-designed Application.

Coverage of my company on your blog is much appreciated.

David Stat


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