The first computer I ever used

The Osborne 1 during my 5th form (15-16years) at Monmouth Comprehensive School, Wales under the strict and moody tutelage of Mr Clements.


I remember the twin (TWIN!) floppy disks (super large size), the clunk of the doors slamming shut as you inserted them. The horrors of forgetting to "dismount" the floppy drives as you took them out and then lost the file that was still "open". Programming in machine code. The smell of the room, the heat of the summer sun at lunch time and the inordinate amount of time these things took to do anything. But it was a COMPUTER ... on my desk, that I could solely and totally 100% use for whatever I wanted ... for 45 minutes.

The green, beige and black was eventually replaced by the BBC Micro after which I totally lost interest in hardware.

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