mini-Webstock: Open Source Awards, apply within

NZ Open Source Awards
The last of the pimping of events from last nights packed mini-Webstock was from Don at Catalyst IT regarding this excellent promotion of Open Source excellence.

The nominations to be in by August 17th - categories are:
  • Category A: Open Source Ambassador
    This award is for a New Zealand individual that has been an outstanding ambassador for open source.

  • Category B: Open Source Contributor
    This award recognises outstanding contributions by a New Zealand individual or organisation to one or more open source projects.

  • Category C: Open Source Software Project
    This award recognises an outstanding project to develop open source software. The project must be either based in New Zealand or have substantial contribution from New Zealanders living here or overseas.

  • Category D: Open Source Use in Government
    This award recognises outstanding use of open source in the public sector in New Zealand.

  • Category E: Open Source Use in Business
    This award recognises outstanding use of open source in business in New Zealand.

  • Category F: Open Source Use in Education
    This award recognises outstanding use of open source in education in New Zealand.

  • Category G: Open Source Use for Community Organisations
    This award recognises outstanding use of open source for community organisations, including charities and other non-for-profits, in New Zealand.

More from the website about the awards:
The New Zealand Open Source Awards recognise and promote:
  • the contributions of New Zealanders directly to open source projects or the promotion of open source generally
  • exemplary use of open source by New Zealand organisations.
The Awards will raise awareness of the open source advantage for New Zealand by telling some powerful success stories based on real achievements that have made a difference already.

This Awards site will feature both category winners and shortlisted nominations, providing a permanent showcase of New Zealand open source activity and contributions.


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