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Tag clouds - what they are with examples

What is a ‘Tag Cloud’?

A tag cloud (or weighted list in visual design) can be used as a visual depiction of content tags used on a website. Often, more frequently used tags are depicted in a larger font or otherwise emphasized, while the displayed order is generally alphabetical. Thus both finding a tag by alphabet and by popularity is possible. Selecting a single tag within a tag cloud will generally lead to a collection of items that are associated with that tag.
They’re normally connected with “Web 2.0” sites – blogs, Wiki’s and the like but have been used more recently as ‘theme analysis’ on speeches (see examples at bottom).

OK, show me one!

This is what one looks like:

I want real life examples to look at … give them to me!
Speech analysis:

Oh, and the problems with tag clouds - you tend to end up with too many clouds and it becomes overcast!