See me at the mini-Webstock tonight

June 2007 mini-WebstockDon't be scared to come up to me*and say hi this evening at mini-Webstock being held in the Paramount.

Looking forward to Leigh Blackhall's 'Second Life in education' chat but mostly I am there for the low down on Firefox 3 from Robert O'Callahan.

I suspect the usual "Web 2.0/Wellingtonista/blogging" gang to be around as well ... hell, might meet my second blogger of the week, eek. And my current company is well represented with newly arrived in NZ and newly arrived at Fronde Sandi Mamoli part of the 'affirmative' team arguing that indeed That Web 2.0 is all fizz and no substance

* for some reason I've decided to wear a light blue skylight polo short ... not quite sure what 'image' I was attempting - but hey, visit skylight and give them all the support you can because they make a difference to kids and parents all over New Zealand


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