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The Poisoners at Te Papa (FREE)

The Riversdale's shot through Te Papa on Sunday and one of the new 'exhibits' is The Poisoners which looked like it would be a lot of fun for those with kids 7+ (hence the 'shot through' for us)

They made a Cleudo-type environment which you walk through, pick up clues and solve the mystery - who/what killed our hero. It's excellently done and would've been something I would've a) loved to help create; b) loved to have had around when I was 10!

There's even a competition you can enter (kids, parental OK before supplying Te Papa and gosh know who else with your Mummy and Daddy's email address) - be aware, I believe the Te Papa site is built using Microsoft technology and therefore can look a pig in non-IE browsers, *doh!*

I particularly enjoyed scaring kids with my eyeballs and a painting of one of the suspects! ;-)

Pop along and enjoy - runs until 7th October

The Poisoners: FREE at Te Papa until 7-Oct

The blurb:
This ‘murder-mystery’ exhibition features over 250 specimens and models from Te Papa’s Natural Environment collection – an assortment of weird and wonderful species not usually on display.

Among the many oddities on show will be tarantula and bird-eating spiders, a hippopotamus skull, the skeletons of a python and a sun bear, thresher shark eyeballs in a jar, and even a life-size model of a giant squid. Also on display will be an array of mounted trophy heads – hyena, warthog, crocodile and antelope. Visitors can get close to a stunning selection of insects – large birdwing butterflies, assassin bugs, and beautiful iridescent beetles from around the world. These fascinating animals and many more, provide the backdrop to the dangerous world of The Poisoners!