Great wekend of sport

Graham Henry, leader of the 'brains trust'"40% improvement to come from the All Blacks", says Graham Henry and I would agree. It was a gutsy (cliche #1) win (21-26) by the All Blacks pulling it back (cliche #2) in the final quarter (#3) of the game against South Africa early in the morning (NZ time). I thoroughly enjoyed it despite it at The Bristol with the usual Dearsley clan - roll on next week and 100,000 at the MCG, then we'll see just how improved the Wallabies truly are.

AND, I've just read that it's 1-1 with the America's Cup ... I am so staying up for the final races when they come (day off tonight, back on track Tuesday night)

Finally - on the Sting! They totally deserved to win the final ever Netball Cup and it's "back home" (#4). I will miss the NZ only championship and hope the NZ/Australia competition doesn't drop our standards merely to raise theirs.

(Oh, the Orries lost to MSP 49-9 in the Hardham Cup ... not so good)


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