Leaving Do - the low down

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHi everyone - how's it going?

As you know, we're off to the Christchurch for the foreseeable and to make sure we hug all our Wellington friends (and shed a tear) we'd love to catch-up with you all on Saturday 20th.

Therefore we're gonna have drinks. Now, this ISN'T at Miramar as we'll have moved out by then (a common misunderstanding from previous emails, sorry).

Liz will be kicking off the celebrations/commiserations/goodbyes at [a restaurant in town] (awesome place for nibbles and great cocktails) around 5pm.

I will be putting the wee fella to bed and will wander into town for around 8pm for drinks, laffs and reminisces at an [old haunt of mine]. Liz will be joining me at the same time (8pm).

Then it gets a little complicated as another friend of mine has booked her house warming party for the same night and, despite UN negotiations, it just couldn't be moved. But my mate has done us proud and turned her party into a joint house-warming/leaving do ... what a cool person.

So, a lot of the friends will be tootling off to the party (Mt.Vic) around 9pm. Liz and I will stay at [bar in town, or wherever we've moved to] until around 10pm when Liz thinks she may have faded and gone home (but who knows, the party spirit may have overcome such tiredness).

At this point we'll see who's left and what we want to do. The party is open to us (I will be going there at some point in the evening) and you're all invited.
(Note: the party is fancy-dress, "Armed and Dangerous" but leaving do people have special dispensation - but I think we should dress up anyway, I will be :-)

Of course you're all wondering, WHERE are these places I talk of?
I'm not that stupid to post them on the interweb and have my stalkers turn up. Drop me a line (miramar.mike@gmail.com) and I'll let you know if you've not got the email already).


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