Meg: Weeks 28 and 29

Been a few weeks I know but don't worry, you've missed nothing startling except for an ever expanding and increasingly tired lady.

I s'pose Meg has now become the 2nd item on the Oh!My!Golly! list ... first week at work tomorrow is number 1 but that'll soon go and then it's all Megan Hannah!

Meg, what can I say to you - it's been a busy time and as promised all we've really made sure is that your Mum was not overworked or over-stressed so you grew in all the ways we'd like. And that's happened.

I trust the hectic times haven't been too much ... I suspect you've noticed no difference.

Now we're here amongst the immediate family (wanted to use the word 'whanau' but to be honest it's Liz's immediate family and that's it ... the rest will come) we're starting to prepare for your entrance into the world. We've set up the room, currently called "Jacks room" but will become the "Kids room" but Meg won't be in there until a few weeks after she's out as she'll be in a bassinet in our bedroom.

We've bought Jack his bed stuff - Tigger duvet (his choice), pillows and all that. We're gonna move him into the bed so he's happy and content well before Meg 'takes over' the cot.

As I said, Liz is starting to balloon (but sooo much more to go), waddle and get quite tired towards the end of the day - all to be expected really.

We're also starting to wonder what colour hair Meg will have what with Jack still sporting the copper top (although I'm of the opinion it's getting a little more blond).

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