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1st day at work

Crickey ... feel a tad nervous. Not sure why as I'm good at what I do, can talk the hind-legs off a donkey and seem to be able to fit in to teams quite well. But still, nervous.

It was nice to meet a few people on the arrival into Christchurch last Thursday. Of course I have no idea how 'relevant' the people I met will be to my day-to-day work, a lot I trust (all inclusive and all that).

Also, not had a great deal from the boss so will have to make sure I get some quality time with her early on. I'm being 'looked after' by one of the Relationship Managers, Kaye, who I've met twice now and seems very nice and extremely helpful so that's cool.

I have four goals for tomorrow:
  • Get to/back from work on time using the a whole new (to me) public transport system
  • Get connected at work - desk/chair, laptop, logon, email, phone, mobile/PDA
  • Meet, and remember, 5 people that I will be working closely with
  • Get an overview of the ICT sections current workings