My head hurts

3am I started the walk home.

Jack and his mate went to bed very easily which was the start of a cracking evening and I joined Liz at One Red Dog for a few (!) drinks. It was awesome to see everyone, too many to mention here, and all I can say is thanks from Liz and I for the wonderful send off.

The party was a roaring success. Loads of very short skirts, stunning women, gorgeous guys and Adam ... dressed up as Xena ... it was a truly wonderful sight.

And to everyone that stumbled down the road back into town for a boogie to the wee hours at Kitty O'Sheas, I love you all.

With cigar in mouth, burger in hand the walk to Hataitai was pleasant. Through the tunnel (only one person tootled their horn) and up the hill to bed. I even managed to bring back all my possessions.

Today is starting late, will be slow - don't expect anything else.


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