First day survived, might even go back for another

Yep, it was all fun and I quite enjoyed myself. I wore one of the new suits, the new shoes and shirt all topped off with the Hurricanes tie, sharp as!

I had no problems at all with the buses and even managed to get a MetroCard ($10) from the bus centre. It's now costing me $1.50 each way, electronically ticketed as I wave the card on entering the bus - very cool. The trip is about the same distance and time as my #2 Miramar-Train Station but over half the price (not as nice a view though - suburbs).

I was well looked after by Kaye (not a previous colleague llew) one of the two new Relationship Managers; Teresa the other one was also starting new today so we hung around for a bit together as we got introduced to a stack of people of whom I remember only a few actual names (about 5) but there is a Welsh connection already - awesome.

I was happily logged on at a desk with a phone and whiteboard sending emails (Outlook 2003, very different) and checking my Gmail and this blog very early in the piece, by 11am!

The place seems to have a fairly relaxed atmosphere, no heavy deadlines (yet), a relaxed attitude to office times (hee hee) and feels like it's gonna be a grand old place to work.

As for the work I've started getting my head around the work concentrating on the big stuff such as the organisation structure, major projects on the go and where I can add value. I'm also getting my hands dirty with the IT (or IM&CT as it's now called) sections part of the CCC intranet - this could be fun - first meeting on Wednesday to find out where it's all going (maybe get pulled back a bit but that's fine).

And so, the day is done. On my return I had a glass of bubbles with Liz, Carol (ma-in-law), Graeme and Sarah (bro-in-law, sis-in-law that live next door) as we celebrated both my day and Char's birthday (niece, guess the parents) and transition into being a teenager.


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