She gets me

People have asked and the answer is always, "She gets me".

I've just become a Kiwi, she was there for most of it (not the tedious ending ... thank your god) but I am at home ... alone. She dropped me off after she waited for me to have that final beer, that final beer that I didn't need.

She and I got in the same car and drove back to our house. "Our" house. And I was dropped off.

Of course our son wasn't waiting for us. He's at our mates Steve and Ruths. So she went back to our son and is snuggling up with him as I write.

But it was never an issue that I didn't want to do the same. I think it might have been really (a tad) but she gets me. It would have been perfect for her for me to do that ... and I will. But tonight, I will watch DVD's (the same ones I have watched before), I will blog, I will sit up in the cold and read crap on the web, I will listen to BBC Radio Comedy (currently I'm listening to "Conked Out - But Not Forgotten!", so me!) and I will think how cool my life is.

Once again ... I love my wife


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