A Tour Around The Roxy Cinema, Miramar [updated]


Firstly thanks to Anna (@annaspam) for inviting me, I was chuffed and it made my day - great to meet you! Secondly, thanks to Jamie Selkirk, Jonny McKenzie, Tania Rodger and the owners/investors of The Roxy for making it happen, it is well worth it. Lastly, a massive thanks to Greg Broadmore for the gob smacking mural ... simply amazing! (and I felt like a true fan by saying thank you to him in person ... and I'm old so that doesn't happen nearly enough :)

I took a few photos using my iPhone which are now up on Flickr.

Expect the full high definition glory to come from Tom Ackroyd (@twelveplusone) sometime next week when he and Sue (@styler) put up their Wellingtonista (@wellingtonista) posting and Tom unleashes all his quality photos onto Flickr.
[Updated 1-Apr] Here's Sue's post AND (some of) Tom's photos

What did I learn:
  • Across all parts of the cinema (theatres, restaurant, bar) there is a passion for delivering a great experience - "how it used to be going to the movies"
  • The attention to detail in the building, fittings and decor is second to none
  • The sound system in the theatre is incredible
  • The seats are leather, wide and awesome
  • They are learning as they're going
  • The main audience is the local peninsular crowd - from ya locals, the movie workers and everyone else that spends time in Miramar
  • The mix of movies will be "eclectic" but they definitely want to gain a voice of their own
  • If you're looking to rush in, watch a movie, rush out you will be missing out on what The Roxy has to offer
  • The mural upstairs WILL make you gasp in delight
  • Play the game and find the weta on the downstairs "Miramar mural"
  • There are plans for #Roxy "kids sessions" ... watch that space
  • You'll be able to book the upstairs for functions but it's sometime off (5 months+)
  • Yes you will be able to book online, the geeks are furiously working at the system right now
  • Word from Jonny McKenzie is, "Try the donuts!!"

And finally, it was grand to put a face behind the Weta Workshop podcast in the form of Magnus (@wetaworkshop) who has blogged about the tour on the Weta website, Roxy Cinema Brings Back The Golden Age Of Movies


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