Miramar Needs A Good Pub And One Is Coming

We, in Miramar, have a world class cinema (The Roxy), kick ass restaurants (Coco, La Boca Loca, Cafe Polo, The Larder) and enough petrol stations to never be worried about the car.

BUT, we do not have a pub ... let me clarify, we do not have a pub you'd be seen dead in unless you were so desperate to watch a rugby game.

On the Peninsula we have 2 pubs.

The Strathmore Local is a good local pub - it's nicely laid out, has a few beers on tap over and above the standard DB sugary shit, nice pub food and the Riversdale's have been known to spend a nice family afternoon there. It is not, however, walking distance from us in the thriving hub of Miramar and, to be honest, not where Liz and I feel like going for a night out without the kids.

Then there is The Cutting. It's one major plus is that it is local to me. It is within walking distance. I am able to wander down and back without having to pay for a cab. It isn't too far away. It is one of the crappiest pubs I have ever entered.

With that context imagine how awesome it was to receive this tweet:

Yep, a new bar called Gassworks is coming to Miramar and they want to know what YOU want: http://gasworks.questionpro.com/

Here's their blurb:
For the last 3 years we have been looking for a suitable site in Miramar for a community orientated hospitality offering. We've found a site and now we need your help to make this the best local in New Zealand!

We want to make sure that we revolve around our customers lives. So please tell us what you want from us and we'll try our hardest to make it happen.

The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete and everyone who completes the survey will go into the draw to win a $200 voucher to the new local. On top of this we will also donate $200 to the school, kindy, club or charity of the winners choice.

So what are you waiting for Miramarites/Miramonians - crack into it: http://gasworks.questionpro.com/


  1. Cheers for that Mike.... about time too. Wonder about the opening hours though.

  2. From what I know it'll be an all day pub with brunch, lunch and dinner all a play (not sure about breakfast :-)

    And don't know about when it'll close for the evening, good question.


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