Rugby World Cup - Where To Find Them Online

Here's the very simple list of 4 places to get EVERYTHING Rugby World Cup 2011. Tying it all together is the tag which I strongly recommend you use in your tweets, photo sharing and everything else online as they are actively tracking and re-sharing the good stuff:

1: Facebook

Where over a million have 'Liked' their page:

2: Twitter

This will be used for the up-to-date info during the comp:

They have also created a number of useful Twitter lists:

3: YouTube

Exclusive match highlights at half-time and full time PLUS behind the scenes over the matches and festivities around New Zealand:

4: Flickr

All the photos they and everyone else takes:

And if you want to share your photos pop them into their public group:

Bonus I: Match schedule for your calendar

Subscribe to the open and free iCal match schedule for your calendar (Google, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo!, Apple Cal, iPhone, Android - they all work with it):


Online is good but being there is better:

Bonus III: Non-rugby events in NZ

Not everyone is rugby mad and the competition has allowed a vast array of other events to be held around New Zealand; best starting place is the "REAL New Zealand" Festival:

... all in all I am VERY excited about the rapidly approaching competition and after this weekend's matches believe the All Blacks will win and Wales have a great chance of bowling over the South Africans in front of me (yip, Liz and I will be at that game!)
Mike at the Wellington RWC social media event
Thanks Brian for the photo


  1. So I know the World Cup's over for you... but I've just seen the (other) semi final's on TVNZ Ondemand to rewatch the thrashing!


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