A Droppie, That's All We Needed Last Night

One drop-goal and we ... Wales ... Wales rugby team ... as I say, "we", would have won the game.

From the moment Liz and I said goodbye to the kidsitter (Jack and Meg are not babies :-) and got ourselves into the cab I could tell it was going to be an awesome night. We caught up with many people at The Royal (old 'Paris') on Lambton Quay, people we hadn't seen for ages, people I'd watched a game with the day before and people that I knew from Twitter but not that well. The pub was a sea of red with a smattering of green - perfect kick off.

When we headed to the stadium though it was clear there were many MANY more South Africans than Welsh - never mind, we could always be louder than the Sou--- hmmmm, maybe not.

Our seats were awesome, covered, 22 yard line and just perfect to watch the game. And after a few shuffles around we were seated amongst others I knew thanks to the tickets from @RugbyWorldCup - many MANY thanks.

The game. Well, what can I say about the game ... it was awesome and we ("we") were so so close.
I screamed. I cheered. I clapped. I stomped. I threw away my chips. I had 1 expensive beer. I waved the flag.
I congratulated. I was congratulated. I smiled all evening.

It was brilliant for all the right reasons and even the score ("we wuz robbed!") couldn't wipe away the smile.

The South Africans have a lot to think about.
The Welsh can be proud and they should have no difficulty going through to the quarter finals ... oh, Samoa and Fiji ... well, the Welsh class should see them through.

After an amazing weekend of rugby (did ya see that Argentina/England game, wow!) I'm glad of a few days off before we crack into it all again.
I am loving this competition.


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