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What can I say - Wales lost to France in the Rugby World Cup semi-final by 1 point.

Despite the referee killing the game for me with the red card so early in the first half I am amazed by the Welsh team/squad and how they still, with 14 players, managed to take it to the French side. Yes they lost by missing kicks, yes they could've gone for a drop goal right at the end but really, 14 players against 15 just made the game far too tough.

I don't care what the French do in the final
I even don't care if the All Blacks win/lose against Australia later today.

For me the Rugby World Cup has ended and everything from now on is a mere sideshow that I shall observe from the sidelines.
Oh, and please don't try and engage me in some sort of SkyTV-esque discussion on Welsh game percentages, referees, competition guidelines and rule books and the like - I don't fucking care.

Thank you to all the Welsh players, you made the competition special.