Flying Away, Metaphorically

It's been a tough 24 hours for Mike and his wobbly brain. Through the love and timely words of friends and family (❤️) I am definitely coming out the other side.It also feels like I've turned a massive corner in my stuckness of the past year and am no longer living in the past but looking to the future. I am experiencing an exciting newness and hope that I've not had for far too long.Out of adversity comes hope, out of hope comes action. On a scale of 1 to 10 I have ranged from 1 and am, as I write this, climbing to a 5.
Never alone.

"universe as virtual reality" theory

And a "Kiwi scientist" is boosting the theory ... maybe that's because Kiwi's are actually system control parameters and are here to control the madness of the other programs let loose in this 'virtual reality' that we exist within. Oh, and I'm convinced that we're a very early release.

Full article at Computerworld: NZ scientist boosts "universe as virtual reality" theory - here's a snifter to get your mind racing:
Massey University scientist Brian Whitworth has attracted international attention with a paper he wrote suggesting physicists should explore the idea our universe is a giant virtual reality simulation.

Whitworth says the idea, that "the world is an information simulation running on a three-dimensional space-time screen", is no more weird than many in physics and could lead to interesting new paths for research and could offer explanations to complex problems.