George MacDonald Fraser - RIP

Buy 'Flashman' at AmazonWhilst I know the rest of the world is focused on the Aussie actor Heath Ledger and most Kiwis have only just stopped talking about Sir Ed Hillary for me the news that George MacDonald Fraser has recently died* has made me a wee bit sad.

Fraser was a writer of both books and films. His most famous film is probably Bond's Octopussy.

For me he gave the wondrous would of Flashman and for years I have been waiting on the latest exploits of this cad from the 19th century based (very) loosely on the bounder in, Tom Brown's Schooldays (1857)

If you're stuck for a read, want a ripping good yarn that has our anti-hero shagging all the gals, cheating, stealing and generally be a thoroughly rotten egg during the 19th century's finest historical moments (you'll actually learn stuff as well) pick up Flashman (1969 - buy it from Amazon), the first in the series of 12, and have yourself a rocking good time.

* Fraser actually died on 2nd January.
Thanks for me old mate and flat sharing person Undies for passing it on via Facebook, cheers!


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