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Christmas Day 2007/08 - Christchurch in photos

After a brief blast of Yuletide/Willowbank photos I've then gone very quiet - sorry, life has been VERY busy! Here we go ...

Christmas Eve
Flickr: Sisters on Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Day 2007
Bit disappointed here as we didn't get any photos of Jack and Meg's wide open eyes as they woke us up with the news "Santa's been!!" and when they opened their presents from under the tree.

Flickr: Santa's been ... and he's eaten his food

Flickr: Archers' for their presents

Flickr: The grown-up pass-the-parcel wearing all their gifts Flickr: Red Charlotte Flickr: Jacqui's pass-the-parcel gift Flickr: Carol wearing pass-the-parcel gifts Flickr: Liz, butterfly'ed up

Flickr: Christmas animals

Flickr: General Redwood Christmas Day hubbub