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About Mike Riversdale
I (Mike Riversdale, aka Miramar Mike) have worked all my professional life alongside users of information with my work with software vendors (Business Objects, Sydney), New Zealand government agencies (Department of Corrections, Ministry of Health, Christchurch City Council), charitable organisations (skylight) and private/public companies (Fronde, Etam).

My focus is always on the real users and their information demands - I have been called the "people's poet"!

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Prediction of the year has already come true ... back in the 1950's

I made the following prediction over at ReadWriteWeb:

3. The USA Election will change the way politics in that country is fought with the Internet (Web) becoming the primary battle ground. The fall out from this will be substantial and I suspect YouTube/Google will do very well out of it.
And through my eclectic list of feeds I scan each day this popped through from Modern Mechanix, TELEVISION AND THE ELECTION (May, 1953):

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Spokeo - how to find out too much information about your network

A while ago I posted (on my personal blog) about FriendFeed and how it is an excellent service for those wanting to supply one feed that incorporates all their online identities, i.e., one feed that tells people when you've uploaded a Flickr photo AND you've shared a Google Reader item AND posted a blog entry (for instance - mine is here).

SpokeoThis posting let to an email from Harrison Tang over at Spokeo (http://www.spokeo.com) who asked if I'd like to take a look at their latest project ... and so I did.

To quote Harrison:

Spokeo is not about aggregating identities; rather, it's a reader for all your friends' publicly shared activities online. Our system literally goes across the Web to find and track your friends' content across 30+ websites out there.

I signed up (please, please can online services support OpenID!), imported my GMail accounts* and let the system do it's thing. And boy did it do it's thing ... apart from the obvious online info it found such as Mr X has published a blog posting, Ms Y is on LinkedIn and Mrs Z is Twittering about life in Wellington the highlight was Spokeo showing of Amazon Wishlists.

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