Freedom from English

Webstock 2008 (11th-15th February, Wellington) celebrates everything that is fine and good about the Web (1.0-2.0+) and as such is an active user of all the grand Web apps out there. For instance they are running a Flickr Group, Webstock 2008 Photo Exhibition: Freedom, from which will be culled a series of prints to peruse during the proceedings - more at my previous blog posting, Webstock the Photo Exhibition.

Whilst I have entered a number of photos culled from the 19,500 or so we have online I also wanna let you show you these fine examples of "Freedom from English" I discovered on the box of a rather cheap and nasty toy Santa left in one of the kids stocking (*ahem*)

Flickr: Freedom from English Flickr: Engrish on a cheap toy box 5


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