So Much Going On

I s'pose everyone's ideal architecture is different and that the busyness I see in the entrance hall of the Te Kura Hoahoa—School of Design Innovation, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington (catchy eh) is someone else's design heaven.

Freedom from English

Webstock 2008 (11th-15th February, Wellington) celebrates everything that is fine and good about the Web (1.0-2.0+) and as such is an active user of all the grand Web apps out there. For instance they are running a Flickr Group, Webstock 2008 Photo Exhibition: Freedom, from which will be culled a series of prints to peruse during the proceedings - more at my previous blog posting, Webstock the Photo Exhibition.

Whilst I have entered a number of photos culled from the 19,500 or so we have online I also wanna let you show you these fine examples of "Freedom from English" I discovered on the box of a rather cheap and nasty toy Santa left in one of the kids stocking (*ahem*)

Flickr: Freedom from English Flickr: Engrish on a cheap toy box 5