Big Expensive Brains Going Nowhere

I've been asked to attend a number of city council* run workshops over the year's I've been a grey haired fella. Each one has had great intentions, a myriad of agendas, and an attendance by the great and the good of Wellington.

Sometimes I have looked around and wondered, "How much would it cost to get this consultation if the attendees charged their normal hourly work rate?" A lot, a massive amount of lot, is usually my internal answer.

And yet, nothing has ever come of these events. I have never had any follow up on what happened with the ideas, the viewpoints, the big expensive brains. It's almost always an exercise in, "How to piss off some seemingly important and honoured people".

The worst sort of consultation.
A room of brains

* central government is almost as bad, but they do tend to provide at least a summary and one following update


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