Why NOT To Get Off Facebook

I am a loud, active, and bloody pain in the arse advocate of people getting out of Facebook (+ Instagram + WhatsApp + Messenger), this has been clear to many over the past few years.

A while ago I was curious why so many still use Facebook when surely they have heard the word from above, the guru online has spoken, and the way is clear. Maybe, just maybe, people get something out of Facebook that I (and many others who are equally as annoying) haven't experienced.

So I asked the question (on Twitter, I know but I don't actually have a Facebook account so, well, here we are)
What are your 3 worries about deleting your account?
The responses seem to fall into four categories:
  1. It's where I chat to my friends and family
  2. I'll miss out on events
  3. I have history on there, especially photos
  4. There are groups I belong to that exist nowhere else
I also believe there is an underlying one of, "I'm no geek like you Mike and this is my website presence coz we all know we need one now-a-days". This talks to how techie it still is to get a website of your own up and running despite what strides have been made - DNS, I'm looking at you.

I have responses to 1, 2, and (almost) 3, however I hadn't thought about 4. Hmmm, interesting, bring back Yahoo! Groups, JOKE! It is where Neighbourly has placed itself, anyone out there know how that's going for them and everyone else?

The following tweets are great examples of what many others expressed ... and probably what others should be targeting to resolve, hah good luck to them.


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