- your music when you want it

last.fmLife online is getting easier and easier - I have the ability to communicate (email and chat but unfortunately not web cam), create, find and use words and numbers (blog, Google Docs and wiki) and share/edit my photos (Flickr with its myriad of 'extensions').

The final pieces of "stuff" that I lying around the house that I would love to stick online are:
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
Oh, there are oodles of printed photo's but I know I can scan them in and upload to Flickr ... I just haven't ... yet ... ever ... oooh, too many photos to think about.

Books are unlikely to go electronic until I can use something as easy - sitting in bed reading a laptop ain't the same!

Movies (personal and home made, not the other sort) - bandwidth, that's the issue. I could, possibly, stick the videos up onto YouTube but it would take a month of Sunday's and playing it wouldn't be the same. And, what do I do with all those VHS tapes?

Music. Ah, now there's one that's already digital (CD or MP3) but is still "on a thing" that should/could be available on-line as and when I want. Why should I have to remember to bring in the CD or go out and buy an iPod to carry it all around - stick it on-line and play it when I want it!

So what are the options? No idea, but I have found something that might just do it -
I am still giving it a whirl ...

Seeing as I rarely (if ever) actually sit down with a guitar and create my own music I don't actually have to "have" the file owned by me anywhere. Once I've paid for it (forever, in perpetuity and never stopping) then all I need is somewhere to find it again - a play list sortable by band, album (since they're still the way most music is released) or whatever (tag) then I'm happy. It's the, "I own and have paid for" bit that's difficult - is it?

So, where people can I do this? And then I can biff the CDs as well as the photo albums!


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