Integration between Gmail and Google Docs

Google Docs[Update] Official Google Blog posting with the following screenshot:

As you've probably read earlier I have recently completed a shift to Google Apps for your Domain (title is still as zingy as ever!?!) enabling Vista Coaching to support its business activities online - I shouldn't and won't call it "run their business online" as that's not what they're doing, that occurs face-to-face with clients.

Anywho - one of my gripes was that the Google Docs isn't a part of the package and without it it's not something I'd recommend others to do. However, it's obviously coming as Google Docs is now a part of the wider Gmail integration.

What does that mean?
If someone sends you a Word/Excel document as an attachment you can now "Open as Google Document". This places the Word/Excel document straight into your document 'repository' (Google Docs) and away you go - awesome.

The one piece of info it loses though is the connection back to the originating email ... if I'm in the document and I suddenly realise I want to get in touch with the person that sent it I have to search in Gmail, there's no "This came from ..." type link.

More info over at the excellent Googling Google blog, Gmail lets you open Word attachments in Google Docs.


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