Party on like it's 1977 - you're invited to my 40th

After much consultation I have decided that my 40th birthday party will be themed around 1977. That is the theme is '1977' and not that I am going to go back in time and get back to you by 1977 with the theme.

1977 at The Brits

Reason - don't need one, it's my 40th. But seeing as you've asked and have taken the time to settle down for a long answer let me set you right. For me 1977 is a definitive year, there's 'before 1977' and there's 'after 1977'. Before 1977 cool people were born, after came the kids. Before there was naff sci-fi films (2001: A Space Odyssey aside), after there are eye-popping CGI rides. Before 1977 the clothes were of an era, after there was ... the 1980's, fair enough. Before 1977 there was funky, loud and great music, after there was ... the 1980's!

1977 (in the UK) is defined by 3 things for me:
  • Star Wars
  • Grease
    (which I discover is 1978 ... but my memory is far more reliable than the internet!)
  • Sun
Star Wars was released and it blew my mind. It was out there. It was also episode IV and not "A New Hope"! Grease was the first movie I saw (and re-saw!?) on my own, with my mates, no parental-type annoyances.

Sun ... this is definitely my memory casting around for the rose-tinted glasses. I suspect it's 1976 that I'm really thinking of, running around Chestnut Terrace with my mate, endless summers, collecting Star Wars cards from the bubble-gum packets (still have).

So, 1977 is a good year for me to celebrate as it's the start of "Mike" as we know him.

And so, you're coming - how do I dress-up as '1977' ... yep, dressing up will be obligatory, sorry.
Check out the Wikipedia pages for 1977:
As for actual costumes ... I'll be utilising one of these looks:
And then of course there is the fact that I was at junior school:
or School soccer team - 1977


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