Second Life

By now all of you fine gentle people will have heard/read about the weirdness that is Second Life and if not then I would count yourself lucky and move on to other blogs with humour and fine writing.

Second Life - the online world that you can live in. For some reason.

I myself (and me) have only recently had this ScFi thingymabob brought to my attention and am still shaking my head and wondering what the world (this one, the real one, the one you and I live in) is coming to.

After registering ("MAB Boyle" is my alter/ulter/utter-ego) and downloading the installation I spent around 45 minutes choosing the eyelash length, shirt colour and material before walking into a stream to see what would happen ... nothing. I can't see me clicking on it for a very long time.

Within Second Life there are clothes designers (not real clothes) making money*, there are real lawyers entering the world to take the virtual baddies away and now Sweden**, the land of elves, is gonna open an embassay there. Oh, and the BBC think it (or something similar) is a grand place for the kiddlie winkles to hang out in.

"There" ... there is a place on a screen connected by a bit of wire ... [sigh]

I love watching Jack play in the bath as he swooshes around the flannels, bashes the water over the purple whale and hides from the bubbles. He whispers to himself as he does it, narrating the action and playing the parts. He has his very own Second Life. We all had one and some may even hear the voices still***

Do you need to give someone oodles of (real) money to have an imagination?

Second Life, where's it leading us ... far away for the First Life
Get A First Life

* real money I hasten to add, no-ones claiming that the silly money you can use in the game is actually really truly gonna feed ya or pay for the broadband connection needed
** Not the real Swedish government or royalty, so yet more pretending and game playing going on.
*** "Burn them, burn them all!!" are voices I don't hear.


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