G.W. BENNETT Sign And Some Detective Work

On the side of 92 Dixon Street here in Wellington is a sign, which proudly proclaims in uppercase
Unfortunately this is no longer the case as G.W. Bennett shut it's doors some time ago.
The 'G.W. Bennett' sign in Wellington through the ages in a collage of photos
I can't find anymore definitive about G.W. Bennett and his (I assume) photography suppliers shop over and above the photo from National Library taken around 1903/4.

I have found the following:
Also an ad from our man (maybe) in the local paper:

WELLINGTON BAKING COMPANY. The Trustees of the above Company having made a purchase of SUPERIOR FLOUR, First Quality, are prepared to supply Families and others at the reduced rate of £2. per sack, for cash only.

Application to be made to
Messrs. G. W. BENNETT

Or to JOHN WADE, Hon. Treasurer.
November 11, 1842.
Is it our man, who knows but I like to think it is and this is an early example of Wellington start-up/ entrepreneur thinking 😁

So back to the sign, it's pretty bloody grand that it's still there, be even better if the current modern sign covering parts of it were removed.

And finally they say someone only truly dies when a person speaks their name for the very last time - here's to G.W. Bennett, still alive.


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