Are You A Wave Or A Particle

Simplest of questions, what is the fundamental building 'block' of everything you hold dear - yourself, the phone you're reading this on, the universe, that FB post you're about to comment upon.

Whatever it is, this 'something', we know it gets smaller and smaller every time a scientist looks inside the last 'something' they discovered.

So what's the current 'something' at the bottom/base of all the other something's we know about, particles making up the 100 or so atoms we have? 

Well, it seems that each atom can be EITHER a distinct particle existing like a stone does AND/OR a wave on a pond like a ... wave does.
In modern physics, the double-slit experiment demonstrates that light and matter can satisfy the seemingly-incongruous classical definitions for both waves and particles, which is considered evidence for the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics.
Particle impacts make visible the interference pattern of waves (like in Young experiment, for example)
(source, Wikipedia: Double-slit experiment)
Funny old universe we live in eh.


  1. I'm both particle and wave simultaneously and interchangeably both at the same time, but entangled at two distinct point divided by light years, but able to transmit information instantaneously.


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