Are You As Interesting As Me?

Unfortunately the Betteridge law will insist that you are not, soz.

I use a service called Feedly that takes the feeds from websites all over the world and gives me an update on the things people are sharing.

It's not the whole Web, I'm not bloody Google, just the sites I deem interesting.

I'd say a good 80% of it flits past my eyes whenever I check in without a tap or a click.

A good engaging headline with a photo usually works though. I also have some well regarded stalwarts that I will always read.

This Feedly service I speak of allows me, now I'm paying, to pop the crème de la crème of articles onto 'boards' and I can share them out to YOU!

So, back to the question, are you as Interesting as me referee to the board I have cunningly called, "Interesting - Articles for the mind and soul" which holds articles that have caused me to be intrigued, fascinated, or even confused.

Have a look, you'll enjoy a peak into my brain workings ...
Mike Riversdale's Interesting Feedly board screenshot


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