People Of New Zealand and Australia, Get Out Your Ukes

We have the official word:
From: Carmel Russell
Subject: This "rinky-dink ruckus" of a show is about to hit the road!

I am about to hit the road. Pretty much for the next month I will be navigating my way round our two islands plucking and crooning with 10 of the best ukulele pluckers and crooners I know and known as the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, and known this time round as the I LOVE YOU EP RELEASE NEW ZEALAND TOUR!

We will be tuning up in all sorts of sweet spots around the fish (North Island) and the waka (South Island) of this nation. Whakatane, Wanganui, Greymouth and Invercargill being some of the sweetest of the 12 spots!

WELLINGTON: Saturday 24th March, San Francisco Bath House
SYDNEY: Thursday 29th March, Oxford Art Factory
MELBOURNE: Saturday 31st March 8.30pm, Sunday 1st April 2.00pm, Northcote Social Club

Please do spread the word to those you know that hold a belief they may not like ukulele music. Send them our way - we'll sort them out ;-).

I am excited, who wouldn't be - touring with a ukulele orchestra

xxx WIUO xxx
Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

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