Cute Or Terrifying

On the face of it this handwritten note on the neighbours window is cute and funny. Pop some movie horror music on it, add a little backstory, and this becomes a terrifying note just before the killings begin again!

Tigers, Surely They Won't Really All Die, Will They?

A few weeks ago the family and I popped up to Wellington Zoo and, through it's ever changing exhibits (come on, they are, don't get fooled into thinking they are somehow over and above boxes with animals in for us humans to look at). Anyway, we were lucky enough to be there when the tigers were being fed - aren't they simply the most amazing, beautiful and incredible beasts on this earth? I am always astounded by tigers, how big they are, how enormous their teeth are, how powerful they look as they strut (!) around.

And then ...

So - sign the petition to SAVE THE TIGERS:

Here's a little of what the Riverdale's were privileged to see: