So Much Going On

I s'pose everyone's ideal architecture is different and that the busyness I see in the entrance hall of the Te Kura Hoahoa—School of Design Innovation, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington (catchy eh) is someone else's design heaven.

Think I've Just Lost Another Blogging Friend

I have the distinct impression that I've just read the final post from JonnyB's Private Secret Diary blog, "Epiloque"

This makes me incredibly sad ...

There are only a few blogs that I have ever read with gusto, a handful of bloggers that I always looked forward to, a tiny tiny number of those writing on the medium I adore (the web) that had the talent to make me smile / cry / think / pass it on.

Seems that the number is so small now-a-days that this blogging thing might be something of a fad that has passed on by, to be subsumed by the overwhelming tide of those that paste a link into a status update box in the belief they are adding to the quality of life.

I miss the best a little more every day.