The Gig Was Awesome But Now What?

FantaleYou pay your money for the ticket, you get along early and rark each other up, the gig was awesome and then ... then ... it's all over. BUT, you're still on a high because the gig was AWESOME! Youu want to shout it from the rooftops, people need to know just how amazing they were and they MUST go next time they come to town.

Sound familiar?
Certainly is for me - evidence #1, #2, #3 and #4

And that was just one band. Imagine all those gigs, all those excited people wanting to do the same.

Now you can, with the recently launched Fantale:
You're a fan right? So are we.

Fantale is a place for fans to chart their gig history and share experiences. We created Fantale out of a desire to help fans connect and share with each other around live events.

Every fan has a story to tell. Maybe it's about an amazing three encore set by your favourite band, or a chance encounter with the bassist at the merch table. You probably have a photo to prove it, or a signed set list. Fantale is a place to share it with other fanss.

The service is the baby of the most fine Julie Warmington who has both the team, experience and most importantly passion to grow this into something quite special. How do I know because in Fantale's early days (before it even had the name) I was lucky enough to do a spot of mentoring alongside Julie as she moulded her early ideas into what we now know as Fantale.

And Julie is keen to hear your thoughts about the site, get in touch about marketing or just to have a chat about music. Drop her a line -

Fantale can also be contacted/followed in all the normal places:

Of course, don't take my word for it all, check out what Stuff said about them, "New website for music fans":
... Fantale is an interesting addition to the New Zealand music scene, a brave new world that shakes up long-standing balances of power between fans and the music makers.

And so, I urge you gig going readers of this blog to get along, sign-up (of course it's free) and share the gigs you though were amazing.


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