Huh? What's Been Happening Over Here, Wellll ....

... stuff really.

Liz and I have been the socialites of old taking in the mirth of Steve Coogan (maaaaan alive he can belt out a song as well as have you wetting your pants with jocularity), parties involving bogan-ness and general out-and-about-ly behaviour. More of this to come so hold up your hems and come dance with the fine folk of Miramar.

Kids are doing swimmingly thank you very much for enquiring.
Meg has started her swimming lesson phase of life and is the proud shower-off-er-er of being able to star jump, stick her head under water and float as a star fish on her back without drowning or anyfink!

Jack takes one day at a time in the manner of a sophisticated 5 1/2 year old boy about town that's just, well, ya know, seen it all ... *sigh*. He is a man with girls swooing after him (really, if I was as popular in my late teens as he is right now life would've been a lot less full of angst and solo walks by the river)

Liz - she is (praise all the gods you believe in) all sparkles and her light and creativness has returned after the "corporate life" of 2008. Not that she wishes those days away but can now officialy tick them off as "done" and move onto far better and more worthwile activities. Lucky sod eh - welll, truth be know I actually like doing what I do.

And finally there's the cat. It gets carried around the house by Meg, chased and patted by ever child thsast visits (and that's a lot), bundled out into the cold and rain if it even thinks of waking any of us up and yet still it loves us. And it's not the complete team without him.

Me - busy. Buy me a beer and I tell you more.


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