July 2008; A Look Back With Colour Photography

OK, that was a bit of a blip with my "2008; A Look Back With Colour Photography" with June being posted back in February, *ahem*. Sooo, anyway, what happened back in July 2008?
It was a quiet month really with sunsets, dinner with mates, visit from "the girls", another Junglerama visit, walks on beaches and in parks and birthdays.

Flickr: Meg after the chocolate at Ruth & Steve's Flickr: Liz at Ruth & Steve's for dinner

Flickr: Zoe, Char, Liz, Jack and Meg crowd into the kitchen Flickr: Zoe rugs up as she and Char come to visit Flickr: Kids preparing dinner with Zoe and Char Flickr: Char with a pretending to sleep Meg

All photos taken by Mike Riversdale


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