Where oh where to live in Wellington?

As you probably know the UK jaunt is rapidly coming to an end (as is the money ... in fact we're all living on bread and cheese at the moment) and so we'll be flying out of Heathrow mid-October to land in Christchurch after a 2 day "where the hell are we" catch-up in Singapore. The focus then is to catch-up with the Mainlander family, get rid off the jet lag and get up to Wellington as fast as possible.

I'm actually booked to fly into Wellington on Tuesday 24th October (love to catch-up if you're keen) and have two vital jobs to perform:
  • Get job (ICT contracting with $$$'s is the ideal)
  • Get home
The first I'm working on. The second I haven't started.

And so, the first point to clarify is where in Wellington to live. We loved Miramar and are probably looking to that side of Wellington once again but we both have a hankering for Island Bay. What do you think?

It would have to be "kiddie winkle" friendly and we probably have to start thinking about "good schools" - ideas, don't-go-to's, what-about's from you?

And hey, if you stumble across a house to rent (buying will come after job #1 has paid off the debts) that has great indoor/outdoor flow, has a view, good sized protected garden, 3 bedrooms, gas for cooking, near bus route and doesn't need much maintenance then don't hesitate to let us know.


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