Life online: My first casualty?

[Updated 6-Sep-2006]
Aha, the wind of change has whistled past and I won't have to look for a replacement ... this comment at their blog:
We are not going to shut down the site. We are just slowing down the pace of development of new features. We built this site as a service to the world, more than as a business, and we intent to keep this service running.

As noted on the iRows blog they have been a long time off the air and with the following statement I am forced into rethinking my online numbers solution:
But (and this is a big but) it is not generating enough money to keep us alive. The banners barely cover the cost of hosting.
We tried a few ideas, but so far we are short on cash. To address this issue, we had to do other things that generate immediate revenues. Since time is a limited resource, we had to reduce the work we do on the iRows site (at least on the free internet edition). There are a few exiting

I'll probably ("probably") go straight to Google Spreadsheets because I have an account and it's so easy to use what you have (isn't it Microsoft users?). However I will do a review of the options just to check I'm not missing anything wonderful.

Mind you, I'm not giving up on iRows just yet merely getting prepared for the time they have to turn off the servers. I hope that day doesn't come but you never know.

And now I have to see how easy it is to get stuff out of online apps, wish me luck.


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