Flickr: 1Be prepared for a bit of a Nanna moment from me.

Feet. I have a great pair of shoes that are causing my feet to absolutely positively stink to high heaven and back down the A40 to my nose. It's a shame as the shoes are (quite) new, very comfortable and the only ones I've got that I can wear without socks.

That's probably the issue, no socks.

I've now taken to leaving them outside the moment I get back from a walk into town. And subsequently leaving them outside overnight for the slugs to crawl all over which isn't going to assist.

I then shoot upstairs to the bath and wash the weapons of mass destruction before I am discovered by Hans Blik or his predecessors.

And this is the Nanna moment. It is sooooooooooo good. My feet love me after their moment in the sun (bath). They tingle with happiness and relax with gratitude.

So, if you're home from a stressful day at the office/road/clinic I recommend a 30 second foot wash, a gentle rub to cleanse and wee pad with a fluffy towel. You'll thank me and they'll thank you.

Those are not my feet in the photo, sorry


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