Web 2.0 (technology) finally gives way to Social Web (purpose)

The 30 Boxes blog : The Impact of the Social Web on Personal Organization article sparked a eureka moment for me - finally Web 2.0 (the nuts-and-bolts) is dropping away as it becomes the "norm" and is being replaced by what it can actually do and particularly the concept of "social" (social web, social networks, social clubs ...).

Whilst I'm not convinced the use of "social" will be any more universe changing than adding "e-" to the front of everything was a few years ago I'm sure it will move us all a few steps towards a more connected and "life online" existence - if you want that, it's good, if you don't it'll something very scary.

One of the "battle grounds" for this shift in how we use these computer thingys will be what "email" is for and how we use it ('computers' are anything that asks you to "Please wait..." when you go to turn it off be they PC, WiFi laptops, mobile phones, iPods or ZX81's ... ok, not the last one). This from the same 30 Boxes article:
Within these new applications was born a new notion of a '“home page'” anchored in presence and identity. If you don't buy it and think that email is sufficient, ask yourself, what on earth people are doing on MySpace? Don'’t get me wrong, email isnÂ’t going to disappear. In fact, we think it is a key to identity. For communication and tasks, however, it will continue to decline as other avenues mature.


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