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Serious people with serious things to do being harassed by a complete timewaster

And long may it continue!

I'd never heard of Robin Cooper until one of the visits to Hay-on-Wye, the worlds first (and possibly only) village/town dedicated to books ... sort of, if you read and believe the tourist propaganda and festival readings.

Anywho, one of the many shops has all books for £1 and whilst you'll never find much to actually spend your pound upon there are a few silly type books in there (see the majority of my reading list for the past few weeks).

One author, however, is not silly in the slightest. He has take upon itself the highest calling of completely wasting the precious (allegedly) time of a myriad tiny and probably highly worthy (although I doubt it) UK societies and associations dedicated to many a niche market.

How? By writing some of the silliest and funniest letters in the hope of generating an ongoing (and timewasting) conversation. I would not do the man justice so pop along and read some extracts from the book (pdf, 2.5Mb)
As Ricky Gervais states on the book's fine white cover, "Cooper's letters are absurd, pointless and very, very funny".

Imagine the squeals of delight I let forth when I discovered there are more at his website AND a second book. Now, if I can get that for a pound I will be more than juicy.