London done .. dun

Flickr: Outside the Natural History Museum, LondonOf course it can never be truly "done" but it is for us this UK trip.

Had a grand time staying in Ealing (guest house run by "actress Anne" - look out for her in an ad running from Sept 3rd as she sings and pole dances, not bad for 45+) and getting up and on the tube by 10am each day.

Visited Natural History museum and the special dinosaur exhibits, Science Museum (not as "hands on" as I remember via my rose tainted view of the past), trek through Hyde Park (and chase of squirrels) and Italian cafes.

Overwhelmed at Hamleys.

Tourist bus trip around city. London Eye - a must for any London visit. Buy in advance and, if you can, have kids with you, as the queue goes down from 2 hours to around 10 minutes.

Madame Tussauds. Brilliant. Little Britain (wheelchair characters) were my favourites, just amazing detail. Regents Park, London Zoo and to top it all off a visit to Camden Market for Liz (she used to have a stall there during her OE ... we found it)

Weather grand. No traffic issues (except upset and tired kids on M4 trip home, ick!).

Things for me to remember to blog (I only get to do it once a week and I need somewhere to record my thoughts for my adoring audience, if there's any left):
  • An Englishman's home is his castle, which is a shame really
  • Photo's - the best of the trip so far
Oh, and those wonderful insurance people in NZ are courererering a replacement camera to us - yaaaay!


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