Off to the wedding tomorrow

Well, the day is drawing closer for Rob and Linda as the Riversdale's/Boyle's fly out tomorrow to Stockholm for the Saturday wedding.

I've been given the honour of being co-MC for the day and so will sit in a quiet place over the next few days and come up with something wonderful to say about both parties ... all suggestions (both personal and from a general "how to" point of view gratefully received).

Life in Monmouth has been ... interesting. We've had a wee fella off his food ever since Saundersfoot and he vomited and had the runs this morning. Doctor (Payne ... wonderful eh!) said he probably had a gastro....blah-blah-blah and to watch him. He's actually been a lot better and maybe he got rid of the bug.
Flickr: DSCF0126

Meg is changing by the second. She's now pulling herself up, can't stand being in one place for more than a nano-second and will be running down the aisle on Saturday if she has her way.
Flickr: DSCF0167

Other than that. Not bad.

Having to "deal" with a few issues myself - weird being back at the old nest isn't it. The scratches on the walls are so familiar and comforting, the way people talk is so familiar and yet, somehow, it's just not the same.

Old school friends are also ... different. Naturally. But it's weird and not "how it should be".

I am looking forward to getting back to Wellington, be amongst those that I know and love and be somewhere I do call my home.

I'm glad I have Liz to be next to me whilst I go through this "stuff " (coz that's what it is, nothing major, nothing life threatening, just "stuff" that life gives ya when time moves on).

So, see you all next week (we're away for a calendar week) and hopefully loads of pictures of Stockholm to share.


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